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DME Sales Rep with Physician

IDS Sleep for HMEs

How IDS Sleep Works

Relax! The IDS Sleep testing program is designed to be EASY and 100% compliant for CPAP suppliers. Educate referring primary care physicians (PCP) with marketing materials provided to you by IDS, and let us handle the rest.

1. Get registered with IDS:

If you're not one of the thousands of HMEs already using IDS for oximetry testing, simply click 'Register' at the top of this page to create your FREE IDS web account. Be sure your company information is accurate; it will appear on all IDS forms and test reports. If you have multiple locations, you will need one account for each location that will be using IDS. 

If you have been using IDS for oximetry or have an IDS user account skip step 1, you already have access to IDS Sleep. Log in and click 'Print Physician Order Forms' to download the necessary populated home sleep test (HST) order forms.

2. Market to primary care physicians:

Primary Care Physicians (PCP) can easily determine whether or not a patient is at high risk for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and is a candidate for an HST. CMS and other payer's policies now allow non-specialists the opportunity to assess for OSA, order an HST, and even initiate treatment based upon a positive test result.

ALL PCPs should be encouraged to evaluate their high risk patients (diabetic, hypertension, daytime sleepiness, etc.) for signs and symptoms of OSA.

IDS provides FREE marketing and educational materials (i.e. educational patient brochures, educational physician flyers, screening questionnaires, etc.) to make it even easier for you and your physicians. Download these materials after logging in to your IDS user account or email for bulk orders.

IDS also provides an Order Form Assistant so that you can generate a pre-populated IDS HST Physician's Order Form. After logging in to your account, click 'Print Physician Order Forms'. Select the physician from the IDS database or the NPI database and with one click your form will be customized and pre-populated with your company information, as well as the referring physician's information. It also includes a Patient Next Steps Guide which can be given to patients in the physician's office to educate them on what to expect during the testing process and to help expedite the scheduling and testing process. 

If you are in an area where HST may place a strain on your sleep lab relationships, you may choose to make your company anonymous on IDS forms and test reports. In this case, an order form will contain a 6 digit ID number where company information would normally appear. This is your unique IDS account number, which allows us to tie your company to the specific test referral. A medical release for your company will be included with the test kit. When the release is signed and returned, you will have visibility to the test reports. For more information on our anonymous options, please call 1-800-355-0691 and choose option 1. Currently, this is our most popular feature!

3. Physician referrals:

If the patient is a candidate for HST, the physician completes an IDS referral form and faxes it to IDS at the toll-free number listed on the form. You will be notified in your IDS browser that an order has come in from the physician. If your name appears on the test order as the treatment provider, you will see the patient name. If you are anonymous on the test order, you will not see patient identifying information until a release is signed and returned with the test equipment.


From here on out, it's just as we promised!

IDS Sleep is an HST program that allows HMEs to manage and increase CPAP referrals with very little effort. Sit back and relax, while IDS handles everything!

1. IDS handles scheduling and delivery:

IDS receives the order, validates the physician information and signature then enters the information into our scheduling system. IDS HST Patient Scheduling will contact the patient by phone to verify all insurance and demographic information and schedule shipment of a testing kit to be delivered to the patient's home as soon as possible. IDS packages the HST equipment kit and ships it to the patient — typically the device ships on the same day of scheduling.

The patient successfully completes the test in their home and returns the device to IDS the next day.

2. IDS receives and processes test equipment:

Once IDS receives the equipment, the contents of the device are downloaded and processed. All returned patient forms (including the medical release to your company) are scanned and posted for interpretation that same day.

3. IDS panel of board certified sleep physicians review and interpret test reports:

A test is typically interpreted within a few hours of receipt.   

4. IDS distributes test results:

The final test report will be faxed automatically to the ordering physician. If a patient's medical release is signed, your HME company will be provided access to the test report securely in your IDS account.   

The test report is very easy to understand. The Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI) and CPAP guidelines are clearly indicated on the front page of the report. If a Medicare patient tests positive for OSA (AHI >15 or 5-15 with certain symptoms), Medicare will cover a 12 week trial of CPAP, just as they do with in-lab sleep studies. 

IT'S THAT EASY! Register now and be ready to introduce home sleep testing to your referring physicians in minutes.