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Home Sleep Testing
Equipment Detail

The ResMed ApneaLink Air with Respiratory Effort, Airflow, and Pulse-Oximetry 

IDS uses the ResMed ApneaLink Air testing device which meets guidelines for Type III devices (Home Sleep Testing billing codes: 95806 or G0399). This Type III device records 4 channels from 3 non-invasive sensors which measure respiratory effort, airflow, pulse rate, and oxygen saturation. 

IDS chose the ApneaLink Plus because it combines simplicity, reliability and advanced data processing software and support from ResMed, the gold standard in sleep therapy devices.

The device records airflow and snoring using a nasal pressure cannula. Respiratory effort is measured with a pneumatic sensor attached to a simple-to-adjust velcro belt. A slip-on finger pulse sensor provides two additional channels of information — pulse and oxygen saturation. A "Test Complete" light gives peace of mind to patients the following morning when enough data has been collected.

To further increase ease-of-use, IDS always ships the device with the sensors pre-attached and fresh batteries installed. We also include easy-to-follow, illustrated printed instructions and an instructional DVD to guide them through the process.

Should patients have questions, we provide a toll-free technical support helpline that is available 24/7. 

Please visit for specifications on the Apnealink Air device!