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Home Sleep Testing Benefits


There's nothing like the comfort of your own bed; many people find it difficult to sleep in a new place. How about sleeping in a new place while covered in electrodes with someone watching you from the next room? This is a typical night in a sleep lab, but not a typical night for anyone. With just a sensor on your finger and nose and a small device on a belt around your chest, IDS can tell whether or not you have sleep apnea in a single night in the comfort of your own home.


No need to drive across town, miss work, or hassle with your insurance company to confirm coverage of an expensive procedure in a sleep lab. With IDS Sleep, the Home Sleep Test (HST) device is delivered right to your door with complete instructions and a toll-free technical support line available 24/7, should you need it. The next day, you simply drop everything in a standard U.S. Postal Service mailbox in the stamped, pre-paid priority mail envelope that is provided for you and wait 2-3 days for your doctor to receive the results. It couldn't be easier!


These days, patients are required to pay even more for their healthcare. Whether it's your portion as a co-pay, the full amount because you have a high deductible or the entire cost because your insurance doesn't cover the procedure, many patients are searching for a more cost-effective solution. HST is between 1/3rd and 1/10th the cost of an in-lab sleep study. So however you need to pay for an HST, the cost will be considerably less than an in-lab sleep test! 

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