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Marketing Made Easy with IDS

IDS Sleep Home Sleep Test Marketing Tools
IDS has some great tools to help you market IDS Sleep in your area! These tools include:

Home Sleep Testing Patient Guide: This piece was designed specifically for physicians to provide to IDS Home Sleep Test (HST) patients so they will understand why they need testing and what to expect. The HST Patient Guide was created to ensure: prompt scheduling; a positive patient experience; and a successfully completed test.

Home Sleep Testing Patient Instructions: These instructions take you step-by-step through the HST. Illustrated instructions are sent to the patient in both print and video versions along with the HST equipment. These two pieces are also great educational tools for your physicians; they can see how the device is used and how easy the IDS HST really is.

Physician flyer: A great informational piece for your physicians with a simple message: evaluate your existing patients and order IDS Home Sleep Tests (HST) to diagnose sleep apnea! This flyer features statistics, information about HST, and benefits for your physicians. What more do you need to peak their interest? This flyer is also available in bulk orders.

Patient HST/OSA brochure: Grab the patients' attention while they are sitting in the waiting room and make the HST process even easier for the physician! It includes a diagnostic self-quiz which, if completed and given to the physician, could be placed in their chart as documentation of clinical symptoms. A downloadable PDF is available on your browser once you sign up for IDS Sleep.

This brochure comes with a professional brochure holder suitable for your physician's waiting room. Both the brochures and the brochure holders are available for bulk orders. 

IDS Oximetry Overnight Pulse-Oximetry Marketing Tools
IDS currently offers the following to support your home pulse-oximetry marketing efforts:

Professional, pre-filled forms: Pre-populated referral forms and patient instructions always include your company information!

DME to Physician Oximetry flyer: This flyer educates your physicians about IDS Overnight Pulse-oximetry Testing. A downloadable PDF is available on your browser once you sign up for IDS Oximetry. You can customize this piece by adding your DME's contact information into the highlighted areas!

Oximetry Physician flyer: Find the benefits of IDS Oximetry and a brief overview of the whole testing process on this flyer. Simply add your company's sticker or stamp your information in the space provided so your physicians will know who to contact when they're ready to start using IDS Oximetry.

IDS Marketing Tools

IDS Overview brochure: Everything you need to know about IDS, IDS Overnight Pulse-oximetry Testing and IDS Home Sleep Testing is available in the IDS Overview brochure.

To Order

As a part of our commitment to outstanding service, IDS provides FREE marketing materials to our DMEs to assist them in promoting IDS services to patients and physicians.

To order a marketing packet containing all of these pieces or to order a specific piece, simply call IDS Customer Service at 1-800-355-0691 or email your request to

Please provide:

  • Full name
  • Company name
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number
  • Request

Your marketing materials packet will be shipped right to your door! Once you have submitted your request and shipping information, please allow 3-5 business days for delivery.