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DME Services

Home Testing and Tools to
Increase Your Revenue!

Instant Diagnostic Systems (IDS) is a Medicare-approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) that provides diagnostic home testing and supplemental services for HMEs. Our programs are uniquely designed with today's oxygen and CPAP supplier's needs in mind to help increase referrals, revenue, and profitability.

HME Home Testing Programs:

Overnight Pulse-Oximetry Testing — IDS Oximetry is a web-based program we designed specifically for our HMEs. This system provides the tools to manage and grow this portion of your business while maintaining strict CMS compliance. We invite you to follow the links to learn why IDS is the #1 oximetry testing provider in the U.S.

Home Sleep Testing for Obstructive Sleep Apnea — IDS Sleep is a CMS-compliant, nationwide Home Sleep Testing (HST) program that allows HMEs to manage and increase CPAP referrals with very little effort. No capital expense, no scheduling, no deliveries, and no phone calls for support in the middle of the night — IDS handles everything.

Additional DME Tools Exclusive to IDS

Recognizing the importance of treating our customers as partners, IDS has built a position of leadership in the industry. With this in mind, IDS developed the following tools especially for our HME's:

DME DASHBOARD — The IDS Dashboard is an extremely powerful management and reporting tool included with our testing programs. The Dashboard can provide insights into your business helping you manage patients, track referral sources, and perform as efficiently as possible.

IDS MARKETING SUPPORT — As a DME you must stand out from the crowd. As part of our program, the IDS website provides downloadable forms that can be populated with your company information. We also provide professionally printed marketing materials that are free of charge and shipped right to your door! To order, simply email your request to