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How Does the IDS Sleep Process Work?

1. See your physician

As with all medical diagnostic procedures, a Home Sleep Test (HST) can only be performed by order of a physician. Your physician should first evaluate you for signs and symptoms of sleep apnea. He may have you fill out a questionnaire, or ask you a few simple questions such as do you snore or are you unusually tired all the time. Your physician's office should complete the IDS Physician's Order Form. Your doctor will complete the form, then sign it, and his office will fax it to IDS using the toll-free number listed on the form.  

Go to the 'Get Tested' page to download screening tools and the prescription order forms for your physician! 

2. Schedule delivery

Once we receive the order, it will be processed into our scheduling system. Please read the  HST Patient Guide  to make your scheduling experience even easier! Someone from IDS Patient Support will contact you via phone, verify all insurance information, address, etc., and schedule a testing kit to be delivered as soon as possible. HST devices are shipped by the U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail and typically arrive in 2-4 days.

3. The test kit arives at your home

The IDS Sleep HST package includes everything necessary to successfully complete the test and return the device to IDS. The kit includes: 

  • A pre-programmed testing device called the ResMed ApneaLink (with new batteries installed)
  • A belt, a tube that is worn under your nose and a finger sensor, all pre-connected to the ResMed ApneaLink device 
  • Easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions, as well as an instructional DVD
  • All necessary paperwork including: an insurance billing authorization; medical release; a questionnaires to tell us how you slept; and a survey about your experience with IDS  
  • A pre-paid shipping envelope to return everything the following day by U.S Postal Service regular mail 

4. Follow the easy instructions to take the test

Follow the instructions and take the HST the first night after receiving the device. Please take the HST promptly as other patients are scheduled to be tested using the same recorder and your physician will be waiting for the results. Be sure to go through your regular evening and bedtime routines to make sure you get your normal night's sleep. It is best to give your doctor a true representation of what you experience each night. You will go to bed at your normal bedtime, and try to stay in bed for at least 6 hours. If you didn't get at least four hours of sleep or have experienced other difficulties, call IDS Patient Support (at the toll-free number on the instructions) to make arrangements to test again the next night.

5. Mail it back to IDS the next day

The morning following the test: turn off the device; throw away the clear plastic nose tube; make sure all paperwork is signed and complete; and drop the pre-paid envelope in your mailbox or any U.S. Postal Service outgoing mail box, or take it to the post office.

6. Get your results in a few days

IDS usually processes the data the same day we get the device back from you. Once that happens, one of our board certified sleep physicians will interpret the results. When the results have been interpreted, we immediately fax a report to your physician. Do not call IDS for the results as we are not allowed to give them to you. Instead, call your physician who ordered the test to find out the results!   

Ready now? Go to the 'Get Tested' page and get the prescription forms for your physician!