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IDS Oximetry - Pulse-Oximetry Testing

How IDS Oximetry Works for DME Suppliers


One-time Registration for IDS Account

Before you can use any IDS service, each DME location will need to create an IDS user account. Simply click on the 'Register' link above, enter the requested information, and choose a user name and password. It is important that this information is accurate, as it does appear on all IDS forms and test reports. We encourage all new users to call IDS at 1-800-355-0691 for a free, personal demonstration and training session from our professional support staff.

Marketing to Referring Physicians

Once logged in to the IDS website, you can download marketing and education materials, as well as test order forms to give to your referring physicians. These order forms are designed to ensure that IDS receives all the necessary information to process the order. It also contains your DME company information and an identifying account number to ensure that our order processing department gets the order to the correct DME location.

IDS Testing Work Flow

1. PHYSICIAN SIGNS TEST ORDER - Before testing may be delivered or performed, IDS must have a written physician order. This is usually a completed and signed IDS test order form (preferred) but most formats can be accepted as long as the required information is present for order processing. Most order forms are faxed to the DME first, who then forwards the form to IDS.

2. ORDER IS PROCESSED, DELIVERY NOTIFICATION SENT TO DME -  To help ensure compliance with CMS guidelines and federal law, our IDS order entry staff reviews and validates each incoming order for completeness and legality. The data is then entered and a notification is sent, instructing your company that you may deliver the test equipment. You will receive this notifcation via email and in your IDS web account. You will receive reminders if the equipment is not delivered after a period of time.

3. DELIVER OXIMETER AND FORMS - Download and print forms automatically pre-populated with patient information; illustrated, easy-to-follow patient instructions; a delivery ticket; and a single page AOB/Medical Release signature form directly from the IDS website. (Spanish available.) IDS also provides a link to automatically map out the driving directions to the patient's home. Make sure your oximeter memory is cleared and the time/date set. Deliver this testing kit along with the appropriate forms to the patient's home for overnight testing. IDS provides bi-lingual patient support that is available 24/7.

4. PICK UP OXIMETER - Pick up the oximeter, and the signed AOB/Medical Release form from the patient's home. Ensure that the AOB/Medical Release form has been signed and fax it to IDS via the fax number listed at the bottom of the form.

5. UPLOAD TEST DATA FROM OXIMETER - Log in to your IDS web account, choose the appropriate patient from your patient browser and confirm that all the patient/insurance/physician information is correct. Connect your oximeter directly to your PC via serial port, and upload the test for processing directly to the IDS website! Rest at ease, because all transactions are encrypted and made tamper-proof from the moment they are transferred from the oximeter (per strict CMS regulations).

6. TEST RESULTS ARE DISTRIBUTED - Test data is validated and processed to remove artifact and generate detailed test results. The test report with your business name and address listed at the top are faxed to the physician within minutes of upload. The test results are available to you online within seconds, if IDS has already processed the signed AOB/Medical release form from steps 3 and 4. It is clearly indicated on the test report if the test meets Medicare oxygen coverage criteria.

7. SETUP OXYGEN - If the satisfied patient qualifies and chooses your DME as their provider, set up oxygen concentrator and generate revenue.


Post test:

Patient Billing

IDS will bill the patient's insurance or Medicare for the test, typically within a few days of the test data being processed by our facility. We bill hundreds of insurance companies and do not refuse patients for Oximetry Tests based on insurance or medicaid, etc. Our testing fees are a very low: $38 (subject to change) for patients who have no insurance and for patients whose insurance has denied their claim. IDS must attempt to bill for all tests, as it may be considered an inducement for referral if an IDTF or DME provides testing for free (this includes processing your own tests upon physician request with other software such as Profox, Nvision, etc. without billing for the testing).

IDS Dashboard

Utilize the IDS Dashboard management and analysis tools to continue to improve your efficiency and referral rates! See the IDS Dashboard links for more information.